Your crowdsourced
charity evaluator

Signal-boost – or follow the signal to find – the best projects
A market for …
We score donors by their track record of finding new high-impact projects such as yours. A good donation track record signal-boosts the projects that they support. You’ll be discovered by more donors, which can snowball into greater and greater success.
Project scouts
Scout out and signal-boost the best projects! You get a “donor score” based on your track record, and the higher your score, the greater your boost to the projects you support. You will leverage your expertise for follow-on donations, getting the projects funded faster.
Donors & funders
Scouts find speculative, potentially spectacular projects! We make their diverse, specialized knowledge accessible to you. Follow our top scouts, tap into their wisdom, and boost the impact of your donations or grants.
Charity evaluation
It’s like a charity evaluator for all cause areas
Charity evaluators have sophisticated and trusted processes, but they can’t scale down to projects so small and numerous that the evaluation costs more than what they can absorb in funding. Charity evaluators also don’t exist for many cause areas. But only because there is no one who can evaluate all these projects, doesn’t mean that there is no one who can evaluate any of them. We aggregate the knowledge that is already out there.
Sustainable investing
It’s like carbon credits for any kind of positive impact
Carbon credits (or “offsets”) are an asset like money, but just like money they are also a way to keep score. Our donor score can be seen as a kind of “impact credit,” a generalized carbon credit. Once our scoring algorithm has matured we want to introduce such a playmoney “impact credit,” the Impact Mark, so that top donors can double as evaluators.
It’s like getting paid as a grantmaker
Your donations inform the giving of individuals and foundations – a multiplier on the money that you can give yourself. One day, laws permitting, we want to make it possible for you to even get paid in cash for your work. Our score rewards donation prescience as much as size, so you will then be able to generate a surplus to pay your rent.
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