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That depends on who you are:

If you’re a donor who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time researching your donations, you’ll be able to follow sophisticated donors who have skin in the game. We’re building a crowdsourced charity evaluator for all the small, speculative, potentially-spectacular projects across all cause areas ranked by the donations they’ve received from expert donors. You can tap into the wisdom of these donors and boost the impact of your donations.

If you’re a donor who has insider knowledge of some space of nonprofit work or likes to thoroughly research your donations, you can use the platform to signal-boost the best projects. You get a “donor score” based on your track record of impact, and the higher your score, the greater your boost to the project. This lets you leverage your expertise for follow-on donations, getting the project funded faster.

If you are a charity entrepreneur and you’re fundraising for a project, we want to make it easier for your project to find donors. We score donors by their track record of finding new high-impact projects, which signal-boosts the projects that they support. Attention from top donors helps you be discovered by more donors, which can snowball into greater and greater success.

If you are a philanthropic funder, we want to make all the local information accessible to you that is distributed across thousands of sophisticated donors and helps them find exceptional funding gaps. We signal-boost that knowledge and make it accessible to you. You can use cash or regranting prizes to incentivize these donors, or you can mine their findings for any funding gaps that you want to fill.

Eventually we want to grow this into an ecosystem akin to the voluntary carbon credit market (phase 3). But for now only phase 1 is relevant.


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